Skye Silver

Artist & Creative Professional 

San Diego, CA

As the granddaughter of a painter, niece of a painter, and great niece of a sculptor, it goes without saying the artistic gene runs in the family. I started drawing and acrylic painting at age six at the local art institute in Annapolis, MD; my parents quickly took note of an early artist aptitude. 


Fast forward to high school and I was the first student from my high school to score a 5 on their AP Art portfolio. I began narrowing in on oils during college, experimenting with vivid brush strokes and intense color. Art took a back seat for a while as I gathered my bearings as a freshly independent, bill-paying working gal.


After moving to San Diego in 2017, I dusted off the paint brushes two years later and enrolled in classes at the San Diego Art Academy before transitioning to Art on 30th. The universe kept throwing me signals art was worth my time and pursuing on a deeper level; I subletted a private studio at Ao3 before moving into my very own (studio 1, swing by)!

Doing master studies of the greats has been the springboard to cultivating my own unique, distinguishable style. My paintings are characterized by confident brush strokes and vibrant color. My “naturescapes” portray my infatuation with the colors and textures of our natural world, while my portraiture conveys the unique essence of my subjects. My intimate experiences with the outdoors inform my art, which in turn manipulate the way I see our precious, delicate world.


My greatest pleasure is to see those who gaze upon my art react with awe and mesmerism. By reading this you are part of my journey and accountability as I take my art from dedicated hobby to full-blown business. A COVID-induced lay-off was the catalyst I needed to kickstart my journey as a professional artist. Artistic creativity is a passion with which one is born; I truly believe it is my calling to create and maximize this gift to the fullest potential the universe will grant me.


When I’m not painting, I can be found chasing waves, exploring every nook and cranny of our park system, and slinging iron at CrossFit.

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“Centered on the Center” Annual Regional Show, Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA, Jan - Mar 2021





"Wild Waves Await Will" 16"x 20" Acrylic on Canvas

"Mighty Gorilla" 11'x15' Mural, Mighty CrossFit, Point Loma


"Anguilla Patio" 16"x12" Acrylic on Canvas

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